KING SOL is the brainchild of 20-year-old Ben Solomon. Solomon grew up in San Francisco, California listening to mainstream hip-hop by the likes of Drake and J. Cole. He started to write music in 7th grade.

While attending the same high school that rapper/poet Watsky graduated from a decade earlier, Solomon evolved his lyrics into cohesive rap projects that fought the use of drugs, misogyny, and alcohol in popular music. He collaborated with classmates on a series of mixtapes until his breakout project Be Somebody sparked a fanbase in 2016. This album also spawned the single DeLorean while accumulating more than one million plays online. Be Somebody was a senior year independent project that Solomon created with a USB microphone.

In 2017, new KING SOL releases began to pour out. Winter Thoughts EP provided fans with a few unreleased tracks. Later he announced a full length album Lost & Found which was released January 26, 2018. The project was recorded at professional studios in SF and Boston. Solomon currently attends Tufts University in Massachusetts.

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